There are many kinds of network in United States. Among those networks and communities, there are some of them that have concerns in faith and ecology or environment. Even, nowadays, this kind of network and community is getting popular as the higher awareness of current issues about environment. Global warming and expansion of human have led to the destruction of nature. As response to this issue, there have been many movements, or specifically called as green movement, where people with the same awareness of Mother nature join in certain movement. Network of faith and ecology is part of this movement.

Of course, this kind of network is great thing. As a network, this becomes a great community and even family of people with the same ideas about the nature. There can be many people with many kinds of background. Various background exists in the network and they are united in the same vision and mission for the nature. This can be a great community to join since this has positive activities for the nature. It can also be a great media to maintain relationship.

Moreover, of course this is a great network to preserve the nature, and even restore the nation. Since it is network of faith and ecology, there can be various religions in the network or community. Even, there can also be atheists in the network and these are not big problems to worry. differences do not become obstacles that make them stop to save the nature. Even, there can be good discussion to discuss about many kinds of values and teachings in each religion concerning the nature. These are great network to share appreciations and ideas about the nature and this can also strengthen the dialogue. Even, this can also be a good bridge since sometimes people think that religion and science cannot be in the same room. In fact, it is very possible to find discussion and room to work together.