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The Episcopal Ecological Network (EpEN) is a nationwide network within the Episcopal Church USA that coordinates with the Peace and Justice Ministries Office of the Episcopal Church USA.  As such we are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and find our roots in the Celtic Spirituality of this tradition. The EpEN includes all concerned Episcopalians who are helping our Church assume a leadership role in the worldwide environmental movement, just as our Church leads in other peace and justice issues. 
Ecology comes from the Greek word, oicos, which has ties to the English concept of household or dwelling.  We see it as the relationship between living beings, the environment in which they live, and God, the Creator.
As the grassroots network of Episcopalians from around the United States, the EpEN is helping the Episcopal Church in the USA to advocate and articulate protection of the environment and preserving the sanctity of creation.  This network extends throughout the various congregations, Dioceses and Provinces of the Church and includes interaction with other Christian churches in the USA and around the world.
We have put these materials online so that people all over the country and around the world will have access to these thoughts, prayers and actions.  We strive to become the main source for environmental and ecological information within the Episcopal Church, USA.
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The EpEN's mission is to educate, encourage, and facilitate congregations, dioceses, provinces, and the Episcopal Church, USA, toward local, regional, national, and international activities for the stewardship of God's Creation.

Each of us is in a different point our our ecological spiritual journey and the path we travel may move back and forth across the areas of Reflection, Education, and Action.  The EpEN has put together some tools to help you in each of these areas. 


We reflect by opening our hearts to creation with scripture, prayer, theology and liturgy.  We feel it is necessary to remember that every element of creation is a gift of God and a revelation of God – with the understanding that how we relate to our world reflects also on our relationship with God.
In our pages you will find theological reflections, liturgies, music, and information to consider in our relationship with and stewardship of God's creation.
We educate ourselves about the issues before us.  We feel it is necessary to gain a deepening knowledge of the theological and spiritual issues, as well as scientific and practical ecological issues.
In our pages you will find bibliographies and references materials, notices of meetings of interest, and information about legislation at General Conventions.



We increase our awareness of the responsibility to act in ways that protect, heal, and honor the integrity of God's creation, leading to intentional changes in lifestyles that reflect a reverence for God's Creation.  We feel it is necessary to develop responsible individual and community activities which protect and heal all Creation.
In our pages, we provide information about political and social action in our communities, the EpEN Starter Kit, and activities such as Earth Day.

As you visit the website, please take time to contact the individuals indicated who may help you in your own personal ecological spiritual journey.  The EpEN also offers tools and information about activities – local, regional, national – in which you can become involved.

Please join us in honoring God's presence on this fragile earth, our island home.

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