Global warming has become big issues since some years ago. However, it does not mean that this issue has been fully solved. Although it has been issues for years, global warming still becomes great threat for nature and humanity. It is because temperature of earth still keeps increasing and this phenomenon of global warming have led to many kinds of disasters. The ices in pole and other places have melted. Climates and weathers are hard to predict now, and there have been many kinds natural disasters led by this global warming. Of course, there have been awareness to make movements. There are many actions and movements made to protect and save the nature.

Some of the movements and actions are done by nations. There are also communities, networks, and organizations that also commit actions and green movements. There are various networks and the organization, and network of faith and ecology is some of them. This kind of network tries to bring discussion about religions and ecology. This discussion is done to get same understandings about ideas of protecting nature. Since there are many religions, it is normal to find many kinds of teachings and values of religion concerning about nature and protection of it. This kind of network becomes good chances to unite all of those teachings and values so differences in religion will not be obstacles anymore to save nature.

Good Things from Network of Faith and EcologyIn this case, discussions and discourses are made to bring awareness and to unite the people. Of course, this is not just for discussion and sharing. Since it is network, it is also to maintain good relationship between many people with various backgrounds, including background of religion and profession. This is also to get good reasons to create environmental advocacies, so it will be easier to move and gain supports from other people and parties. It is also to maintain bridge between faiths and ecology or nature.