Turkey and America cannot be considered as two nations that are good to each other. That is because there were a lot of conflicts happened between these two nations. As an addition to that, the new President of USA, Donald Trump, can be considered as one opposition by the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyib Erdogan. The latest conflict of these two nations came from Andrew Brunson who was captured in Turkey since 2016. Brunson was a priest who was captured because he was believed to be one part of the Fathullah Gullen group, one of the terrorist organizations in Turkey. Erdogan, as the President of Turkey personally stated that Turkey would let Brunson go in exchange of the extradition of Fathullah Gullen. Yes, Gullen was in America staying there for the last few years. The fact that Gullen was a priest in Turkey and all of the information about terrorism related with him might be one consideration why America will not do this kind of negotiation.

One of the government officials stated that this kind of negotiation would be something tough to handle and to finish. The main reason is because these two persons have different positions on these two countries. The officials who did not want to be mentioned stated that this negotiation would be a tough one considering the fact that the trading is something regulated on the law and the laws on these two nations are different. It is not like America hands down a priest from Turkey and America will get their priest back as an exchange. There are more than regulations there.

Tough Negotiation of Releasing a Priest in AmericaFor your information, this news was taking the attention from Donald Trump as the President of USA because after the third trial of Brunson, he had to be held in Turkey for a longer time before the official sentence from the court. Donald Trump said that what happened in there was a shamed, but the official governance in Turkey clearly stated that this can go forever if America do not want to hand down Gullen as the exchange for their priest, Andrew Brunson. For Turkey, this is something fair enough considering the fact that Gullen was suspected to become a part of the Turkey revolution against the governance of Erdogan. Because of that reason, Turkey also in need of this exchange because they need to find out the real information about the revolution that happened few years ago against the government.