Environment has become great issues in many kinds of discussion. It is because the environment and the whole nature is threatened. Unluckily, it is humans who bring the threats for the nature and this condition is getting worse day by day. That is why there have been many discussions and studies done by people who are aware of this and want to save the nature. Even, it does not only stop in the discussions and studies. There are many kinds of green movements to save the natures and these happen in various scales. There are also many kinds of network. Network of faith and ecology is one of them.

This kind of network is quite unique. This network unites faith and ecology and this is for the sake of nature. The goal is to preserve the nature and there can be many things to do in the network. The network can be a good media to maintain discussion and share many kinds of values and teachings in many kinds of religions related to the nature and efforts to preserve and protect the nature. There can be many people with different background of faith and religions. They have also different professions and jobs, and all of them are united in the network to share many things about nature and ecology.

Some Aims of Faith and Ecology NetworkThen, the aim of the network of faith and ecology is also to foster and discern many kinds of reasons to support the nature. The reasons are taken and made based on the values in religions in correlation of other principles. These are done for environmental advocacy. This is important thing since sometimes it is quite difficult to gain support for green movements. With the environmental advocacy, it will be easier to make movement and even gain bigger supports. Of course, the network is also to strengthen the dialogues between religions and nations, and dialogues between people with many kinds of backgrounds.