Religion in USA can be considered as one tough thing to handle, especially for the Moslem people in USA. The main reason is because of the incident of WTC that happened some years ago saying that Moslem was a terrorist. Because of that reason, Moslem was seen as a terrorist. This is something that many people in the government have to handle properly in America because that is just a mere opinion and that is just a view from one perspective. That is because there are a lot of Moslems who live in America and many of them did not d any harm at all to the country. That is because all of those Moslems believe that America is also their own country.

This kind of crash can be considered as one thing that will surely disrupt the ecology of the human in America, which is not good at all. For your information, ecology can be simply described as the ecosystem, but on this case, we can say that it is the correlation between all of the humans who live in America. This is not a secret anymore that after that WTC incident happened some years ago, many Moslems who live in America were threatened because they were false accused as one part of the terrorist. Around that time, the religion situation can be considered as the worst of all. That is because government suddenly made some policies that put all of the American Moslems being cornered even more. It seems like the fact that Moslem was a minority was not enough to put them on the cornered position.

Religion as the Main Source of Human Ecology in USAThe connection between all of the America people still cannot be considered as something stale after that incident. Even though as the time goes more and more people are in pro position with the Moslems in America, the religion is still being used as a weapon to get more power, in politics especially. That is because there are some people who are in contra position against those who are in pro position of the Moslems. This is one problem that America needs to deal properly. That is because if they are not able to handle this problem properly, there will always be a lot of problems related with the religion and the ecology as part of the human in America. That is why they need to take this problem more seriously.