Environment and nature is in danger. There have been many threats that can endanger the nature. Unluckily, these are done by humans who are living on earth. Humans should have protected the nature, but in fact they bring threats for nature. Of course, it does not mean that all humans endanger the continuity of nature. In fact, there are also people who are aware of this issue and they want to protect the earth and nature. There have been many kinds of movements made by certain groups, networks, and community as effort to preserve the nature.

In this case, there is also network that connect faiths and religions with the ecology or nature. Actually, almost in all religions, there are teachings and values that order the believers to protect and nurture the nature. Nature should be part of responsibility since nature is not just place for living, but it is also partner in living. In this case, the network tries to provide a community and family where all people with different religions can have rooms and chances to discuss about religions and the teachings concerning about nature. Discussions are done to get the same understanding for protecting nature.

Network to Protect the NatureOf course, this kind of network is not just to share and discuss. This is also to gain support and create movements to save the earth. This is done by making environmental advocacy. Then, there are also many kinds of green movement with various scales. Since it is network, it is also to strengthen relationship between all people and believers. Whatever the background of profession and religions are, they are united together to protect nature. There can be many activities done by the and these can be so useful. These are also interesting since it can be great chances to meet new people and they are in the same vision and mission for nature.