Diversity in religions and faith is not problems or obstacles for people to save nature. Diversity and differences will not be hindrances that stop people to do something good for the earth. Moreover, now earth is in critical condition because of many kinds of bad actions committed by humans. Humans, who should protect and keep the nature, start to destroy nature. Global warming has become the great issues that threaten the nature, and in the end it will also threaten humanity, since humans will not be able to live when the nature has been severe. that is why there are many actions done by those people who are aware of this issue.

In this case, there have been many kinds of networks to save nature. These networks bring many kinds of movements and actions. Among those networks, there are some communities and other networks that try to make a bridge for various faiths or religions and nature or ecology. These networks and communities have goals to break the border and maintain network and discussion between various religions. Many people from with different background of religions and faiths are united to discuss and share opinions, reasons, and values concerning nature. This kind of network is great to build same understanding that later can be great reasons to create environmental advocacy.

Network of Faith and Environment to Save the NatureThis can also be good way to strengthen discussion and relationship between people with different religions and other background. Of course, it is also to strengthen the bridge that connect religions, faiths, science, and environment. With this network, there can be many kinds of movements and activities. Although these all involves various religious values, it does not mean that all movements are done based on certain values or teachings of religion. These are united movements for the earth. In this network, diversities and differences are not problems, but they are discussed to gain power and effort for saving the nature.