Ecology and religion are two different fields that you cannot simply compare each other. When you are talking about religion, you are talking about something that you cannot fully see because it is something closely related with the faith and faith is something that you cannot see. On the other hand, ecology is also something that you cannot see, but the result of ecology is something real and you can even watch it on your own. That is because ecology is something closely related with the nature, with the ecosystem and because of that thing, ecology and religion could not be simply compared one with another. Even though these two things cannot be compared one with another, does not mean that these two fields have no path that will cross each other. That is because there is a fact saying that human is a product of God that was sent to earth to take care of the nature. At least, that is something that you can find in the Holy Koran.

When you are talking about how these two things interact each other in USA, there are a lot of things and opinions that you need to put into considerations. When you are talking about all of those people who have a strong religion, believe and faith in God, these two things are closely related to each other. That is because they know exactly that nature is also something that God give for the human to preserve. That is one reason why many churches and Sunday schools give the additional education how to treat nature around us. That is because nature is the real gift from God that needs to be preserved.

How Religion and Ecology Interacts in USAOn the other hand, there are also a lot of people who do not really care about the nature at all. In fact, they just take all of the advantages that they can take from the nature for their own benefits. The problem is that some of those people even admit that they are a religious person, but you cannot fully believe on what they say. That is because if you have the faith in God, you will also be able to help to preserve the nature. That is because nature is something that God give to all of the human being to be taken care of. That is the missing link that you can hardly find in USA, especially on this modern times.