Ecology can be simply considered as a correlation in nature, the ecosystem. This is one aspect totally related with nature. On the other hand, religion is something related with the person or a human itself. These two things cannot be considered as two things that will cross each other path. That is what many people think in general. However, it turned out that ecology and religion are two things that can be related to each other. That is because in all of the religions and believes, there is a learning about how human should appreciate the nature because nature is the thing that gives the live to all of the people. Without the nature, human will not be able to live.

Considering the fact that ecology is also one thing that talks about nature, the ecosystem and the overall correlation, it is not much to say that actually human with the religion is the agent of change that will determine the result of the ecology itself. You need to realize that all of the things happened in this world are mostly caused by the human. If nature is destroyed, that might be caused by those human who do not understand about religion at all. On the other hand, if the nature is getting better with a lot of new plants and animals are being preserved, that is also one part of the human job as the agent of change in this world. Because of that reason, religion is one important part that all of the human needs to have in this life to make sure that nature stay on the right track of development.

Correlation between Ecology and ReligionUnfortunately, that is not something going to happen in a country such as America that had a lot of problems related with religion. It is true that America is a free nation and you can do almost anything in America. However, if the main problem in America is the discrimination of religions one with the others, then that means this nation is facing a great problem. That is because each of those religions will do what they need to do to preserve the ecology of the nature on their own language. This is not something good because the development will not be maximized. There is a need of full help from all of the people who can help in developing the nature, from all of those people who have the religion inside their heart.