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Towards Multi-faith Joint Efforts Responding to Ecological Crisis in the USA

The business of Christianity with matters relating only to human interests has indeed been seeded and, in fact, confirmed the tendency of anthropocentrism. However, on the other hand, it is also this busyness that brings the theme of the ecological… Continue Reading →

Better Religion Condition in USA after WTC Incident

Moslem was a minority in USA and they are still until this time. This fact alone can show you that there are a lot of problems that you might have to deal as a minority on this great nation. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading →

Network to Protect the Nature

Environment and nature is in danger. There have been many threats that can endanger the nature. Unluckily, these are done by humans who are living on earth. Humans should have protected the nature, but in fact they bring threats for… Continue Reading →

Correlation between Ecology and Religion

Ecology can be simply considered as a correlation in nature, the ecosystem. This is one aspect totally related with nature. On the other hand, religion is something related with the person or a human itself. These two things cannot be… Continue Reading →

Network of Faith and Environment to Save the Nature

Diversity in religions and faith is not problems or obstacles for people to save nature. Diversity and differences will not be hindrances that stop people to do something good for the earth. Moreover, now earth is in critical condition because… Continue Reading →

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