Moslem was a minority in USA and they are still until this time. This fact alone can show you that there are a lot of problems that you might have to deal as a minority on this great nation. Unfortunately, the worst of all came when a plane crashed into World Trade Centre, one of the biggest buildings with a lot of activities in United States. This incident was believed as a part of terrorisms targeting America that are considered as a big threat for many other nations around the world. Unfortunately, this terrorist organization was said to be a Moslem, which is a minority in America. That was the worst time for all of the Moslems who lived in America, even though they already have the American citizenship.

At that time, almost 90 percents of all of the Moslems were questioned about many things that might be related with the terrorism that happened in 9/11. In fact, some of those Moslems who had a nice positions were fired because of no reason. Actually, there was a reason, because they are Moslem. However, that is not something rational to do considering that all of the people have the same rights in America. To make it even worse, many of those Moslems were also caught because they were considered as one part of the terrorist organizations that crashed a plane in WTC. The reason was because they have the suspicious activities. Around that time, a lot of Moslems who live in America flew out of the US just to be safe.

As the time goes, the religion situation in America cannot be considered as fully normal. That is because the policies and laws are getting tighter, especially for all of the Moslems who want to get in or get out of America. As an addition to that, living in America is not a good thing either for many of those Moslems from since the condition is not fully normal yet. Fortunately, there the condition there is getting better. Even though you cannot expect to get the similar respects such as the one that you used to get before the WTC incident, at least you will not need to worry that much about showing your religious activities as a Moslem in America. Many Moslems are still hoping that the condition will get better and better over the time, especially because they already have the American citizenship.